Our Services

Our creativity is about glass & ceramics. We design, fabricate, & do full-scale installations.

Art Glass Installations

  • Windows
  • Entrances
  • Ceilings
  • Lamps
  • Wall sculpture and murals
  • Glass vases and bowls


  • Tiles
  • Showpiece Sculptures

Glass Casting

We make cast glass sculptures and objects in kiln casting, sand casting, pate de verre techniques and also graphite and metal mould.

Glass lamps

Original studio creations, customized to your imagination.

Panels / Partitions

Exquisite, unique panelsĀ & partitions created in stained glass. We use copper foil & lead technique to deliver brilliant designs.

Blow Glass

We use Swedish glass blowing technique to fashion object de art: like vases, bowls and plates, wall art installations.

Ceramic Sculptures and Tiles

Our ceramic sculptures come alive in stoneware, earthenware & porcelain clay. We offer tiles for sculpture & installations.